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January 8
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Brute- The Frozen Lands [Application] by Zuuon Brute- The Frozen Lands [Application] by Zuuon
(( Bleh, not a good drawing -n- ))

Name: Brute
Nickname: None
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Rank: Retired
Mate: No
Height: Short

What month born in: December

Rank: Retired

Mate: No

Other: Has a kink in his tail, from a fight. 

Appearance- Mostly grey, with black ears and some spots of brown, like on his underbelly and a jagged stripe on his tail. 

Height: Short

Tail type: A bit longer, and silky to touch

Eye(s) color: Green

Fur type: Thick and soft

Ear type: A bit longer than some other's

Nose color: Black

General pelt color: Grey

Anything else: (scars, tufts of fur/other) Kink in his tail, a bit more fur on the scruff of his neck


Personality- (please try to be abit descriptive most important info)

Brute can act slightly gruff and rude, like his name suggests. It is mostly of old age and can get a bit annoyed by pups and apprentices bothering him. Though, he can be quite kind once you get to know him. He is always trying to keep everything sorted out in the pack to avoid any fights, and used to be a strong fighter. Now he provides much wisdom to all of the pack and tries not to interrupt anything. He can sometimes be found wandering alone and thinking. 

History: (please make it a decent length not too short please)

As a pup, Brute had always wanted to be a very strong fighter and hunter, to help the pack to his very best. In his apprenticeship, he worked as hard as he could to listen to what his mentor said and always tried again if he failed on his first try. But his strong-willed personality made him kind of a loner, driving him away from the others as he continues to work. When he finally became a member of the pack, he had built himself up to be quite strong, despite his short size. He had gotten in many fights with other wolf packs, and was quite helpful in his day. Though now he has grown too old for fighting, and is now providing wisdom for the others. 

He never had a mate of his own, and therefore has never fathered any pups. 

Likes: Food of any kind, hunting and fighting, trying his best to help his pack. 

Dislikes: Pups, unruly apprentices, being woken up or disrupted, being unable to help.  

Other info: (None?)

Roleplay example: Sunlight streamed through the trees as Brute awoke to birds chirping, his lip curling into a snarl. Those birds can be quite annoying, waking him from his nap... And so early too! He thinks to himself with a slight growl, getting up and stretching out. His limbs cracked loudly in the quiet morning and he huffed, starting to walk out to the edge of the trees, trying not to disturb any of the other pack members. 

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